Maximum performance

The Core Cooling Grip
is for the many people!

It is for you who want to improve your physical performance during training or a competition. It is for you that want help to cool down in warm weather. It is for you that need help to be able to sleep during those warm summer nights. No matter if you are looking for the upper edge in physical performance or improve your wellbeing – it is for everyone!

Heading arrow How and when to
use the Core Cooling Grip?

Strenght training

Use the Core Cooling Grip in between sets, when you are anyhow taking a rest or a sip of water.

Big Compound movements such as bench press, deadlifts use the Grip for 2-3 min.

Single Isolation movements, such as biceps, triceps, calf, use the Grip for 1-1,5 min.

Endurance training

Use it when you feel that your body core temperature is getting raised. I.e. when you are getting warmer or start to break into a sweat. Or when your are resting, for example in between intervall running sessions.

Other activities

Use the Core Cooling Grip when you need to get that mental sharpness or reduce your body core temperature. Utilize the breaks in between the moments of performance to get cooled. When you have a break on the tennis court or in the Hockey rink. Or when you need some help falling a sleep during warm summer nights.

The feeling and sensation of the
Core Cooling Grip effect

We don´t have cool receptors inside the body, like what we have on the skin. So we will not feel the cold in the same way as when something cold hits our skin.

The sensation you will get using the Booster is a feeling of being refreshed, being vigourated and ready to go again after each cooling session. Which helps you to train more, for a longer period of time. You will have that feeling that you are still in the beginning of your sets and that you are getting revitalized during or in between the runs.

Getting cool not cold

The Core Cooling Grip temperature is designed to give you the highest effect without getting you too cold . The Core Cooling Grip is significantly cooler than your body core temperature, but not too cold, so the blood vessels will shunt. The Core Cooling Grip will have a cooling effect until it is fully empty on energy, which will be when the Core Cooling Grip is fully liquified. Recharge it simply by keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer until it is solid.

Boost your Core Cooling Grip

Put a couple of ice clamps together with your Core Cooling Grips in your gym bag in order to boost and prolong the effect of your Core Cooling Grips when heading out for physical activities.

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